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AMD FX Processor

  • Experience the world’s first native 8-core desktop processor.
  • Overclock for a big boost in performance and speed1.
  • Perform mega-tasking and get pure core performance with new CPU architecture.
  • Get an extra burst of raw speed when you need it most with AMD Turbo CORE Technology.
  • Push your performance with tuning controls in the easy-to-use AMD OverDrive™ software1.
  • Enjoy stable, smooth performance with impressive energy efficiency thanks to a 32nm die.


The AMD Fusion APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) gives software developers the power to unleash their imaginations and access new revenue opportunities by creating futuristic, visually rich applications with no-compromise performance even on the small form factor devices users want.

AMD Phenom(tm) Processors

Unbeatable multi-core value with AMD Phenom™ II processors. They deliver The Ultimate Visual Experience™ for high definition entertainment, advanced multitasking performance, and power-saving innovations for smaller, cooler machines that are energy efficient.    

AMD Athlon II X4
Do more of the things you want to in less time and enhance your digital life with the multi-core performance and energy efficiency of AMD Athlon™ II processor-based desktop systems. Combined with superior ATI Radeon™ HD graphics technology, systems based on the AMD Athlon™ II processor deliver a vivid visual experience, superior multi-tasking, and exceptional digital media performance with next-generation energy efficiency.

Six-Core AMD Opteron
A balance of performance, energy efficiency and lower ownership costs. Six-Core AMD Opteron(tm) processor-based servers deliver performance efficiency to handle real world workloads--with superior value and energy efficiency at every price point. Unlike competitive products focused on raw performance, AMD technology-based servers deliver one platform to support the top-line demands of your business with a total cost advantage you can take right to the bottom-line.

8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor
Equipped with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.01 2, your computer will have the power and responsiveness to help your productivity soar. Experience fantastic entertainment and gaming, seamless 4K Ultra HD, and 360 video– all with the lightning speed data transfers of Thunderbolt™ 3 technology.

8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor
With the power and responsiveness of Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.01 2 you can spend more time doing and less time waiting. Create, edit, and share 4K content with ease, and enjoy immersive, full-screen 4K and 360 experiences.

7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 Processor
Deliver powerful performance and seamless computing. That includes smooth streaming and brilliant HD entertainment with immersive, full-screen 4K and 360 viewing. Extended battery life keeps users on the move.

Memory, it is used most often to identify fast, temporary forms of storage. All of the components in your computer, such as the CPU, the hard drive and the operating system, Work together as a team, and memory is one of the most essential parts of this team. From the moment you turn your computer on until the time you shut it down, your CPU is constantly using memory

Solid-State Drives, a reliable alternative to traditional hard drives, offer breakthrough storage performance Take your PC to a new level of responsiveness—including faster boot-up, application launch, and file loading—with SSDs, and get the quality experience as you expect .

Hard Drives, The high-performance Ultra ATA/100 3.5-inch drive combines advanced storage hardware and software technology. The SATA 3.5-inch drive offers increased performance with a 3-Gb/s data transfer rate and NCQ technology. Both drive configurations feature a fluid dynamic bearing motor, ensuring whisper-quiet operation. Easy-to-use DiscWizard installation software and built-in self-monitoring SeaTools software ...