About Us

Aannex (U.S.A) Corporation has specialized in supplying computer components and computer systems to the industry since 1993, and today enjoys a well-earned international reputation as a reliable and trustworthy trading partner. Ideally located in Southern California, Aannex has up-to-the minute market information so that it can anticipate supply and demand in order to get you the best price. Aannex understands the need for aggressive pricing in today’s economy.

Aannex enjoys an international presence
and has customers and trusted trading partners throughout the world, including Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Thus, Aannex has access to the many excellent sources in Europe and Asia, and can handle financial matters and shipping in the most efficient manner.

Aannex is experienced in all aspects of the computer components markets. Successfully in business since 1993, Aannex has extensive international sourcing ability, and is now known in the industry as a specialist in INTEL and AMD CPUs, brand name and OEM Memory modules, and other components, including HDD, SSD, and high-end VGA cards.

Aannex's business role is to be a key supplier to system integrators and VARs. Aannex specializes in sourcing for system houses on a per project basis. Aannex enjoys a specialized purchasing agent role in supplying components to the industry. Aannex's position in the marketplace is enhanced by its strategic partnerships with key suppliers.